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Cocktail Bars in Newcastle – For Every Taste & Occasion 

Quite possibly my most asked question in my instagram DMs is from people visiting Newcastle for either a day out or weekend, wanting recommendations for where to go for cocktails. One size doesn’t fit all either, as I’ve had every scenario going like where to go for hen dos, date nights, a graduation celebration, afternoon drinks with mums and grandmas – literally everything. So here’s my cocktail bars in Newcastle recommendations for every occasion and taste.

Cocktail Bars In Newcastle

You would be hard pushed to find bars that don’t serve cocktails now, to varying degrees of quality, novelty and price. I’d personally prefer to pay more to have a good, strong well made cocktail rather than one that comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, unless it actually adds to the taste. 

This doesn’t cover every cocktail bar in Newcastle, just the ones that spring to mind for each scenario. 

For well made cocktails…

WC Newcastle

Hibou Blanc 

I’m ordering: Apple and lychee martini from WC and at the moment the winter berry from Hibou Blanc. 

These two are my current favourites for good cocktails. I’m much more likely to order wine these days but if I’m at either of these bars then I will order a cocktail without a doubt. They’re definitely not novelty, and are made by experienced mixologists that you can just tell know what they’re doing, rather than a student following a recipe card for their weekend job (no offence, I can say that because I once was the student that had a weekend bar job). 

Cocktail Bars In Newcastle
WC Newcastle

Both are very good, and have seasonal creations available too. Great as a stop on a night out or for pre/post dinner drinks. For those who aren’t familiar, WC Newcastle used to be the public mens toilets on the infamous Bigg Market, so it’s underground and fairly small. Bookings are definitely recommended as they’re always turning walk ins away. 

Hibou Blanc is the opposite, big, lots of tables, a grand piano in the corner and big Bridgerton chandeliers. The bar is huge and there’s a lot of staff on hand so you’re not waiting long. The crowd is a bit older at Hibou Blanc, you could definitely take your mum – Nige & Viv love it! The good thing about these two is they’re so close you can visit both within a 2 minute walk, and are along High Bridge so very central.

Cocktail Bars In Newcastle
Hibou Blanc

For novelty but good cocktails…

Mother Mercy

Central Shaker

Leila Lily’s

I’m ordering: I get a vanilla espresso martini from Leila’s, Marshmallow Fizz or Frose Margarita from Mother Mercy, and English Country Garden from Central.

Some people just like the novelty aspect of cocktails, the fancier and more extra the better. I don’t mind it if they’re good (see my recent visit to The Hawthorn in Haworth), and these three bars all have that in common. 

Their cocktail menus don’t just have the fancy glasses, extras in the form of marshmallows or macaroons, they do have good normal menus too. While I prefer the location and type of bars that Mother Mercy and Leila’s are, Central Shaker also do a good two for £10 offer and is in a useful spot by the station which can sometimes be handy. 

Mother Mercy were recently voted in the top 50 cocktail bars in the UK, and have a very quirky venue in the basement under the Old George. 

Hotel cocktail bars…

Gino D’Acampo at Melia Newcastle

The Vermont

Jesmond Dene House

I’m ordering: A Pino Spritz from Gino’s – they’re amazing, a Cosmopolitan from the Vermont and I can’t remember the name of it but it looks like an espresso martini but in a flute glass from Jesmond Dene House.

Sometimes a hotel bar is the best place for a cocktail, as the bar person tends to be experienced, and it’s more of a relaxing leisurely experience than a fast paced busy bar churning out cocktails as quickly as possible.

Gino’s on the quayside is quite lively, but they do the most amazing Pino Spritz cocktails from Gino’s menu and it’s a must if you’re visiting. I’d go there just for that even if I’m not eating in the restaurant.

A Stay At INNsIDE By Melia & Dinner At Gino’s Restaurant Newcastle

The Vermont hotel bar itself is somewhere I really like, and have been with my mum a few times. Not to be confused with Above or Livello which are part of the same hotel. Give me the actual hotel bar any day. 

Jesmond Dene House has a lovely bar and restaurant in Fern, and the staff are excellent. Perfect for before and after dinner cocktails, or gin cocktails in the summer out on the terrace.

Dining at the Newly Refurbished Jesmond Dene House
Jesmond Dene House gin cocktail

Cocktails from restaurants…





I’m ordering: A Japanese Garden from Aveika, a Raspberry Sour from Babucho, a Lychee martini from Geisha and a Zen Garden or Muddler Spritz from Muddler.

If you’re wanting to go somewhere for a meal that also does cocktails, then these four would be the first that spring to mind – you might notice three out of four are Asian food. I love the food at all of them and the cocktails all have some different flavours and creations to them.

Aveika do fabulous cocktails and are delicious with their sushi. See their full cocktail menu here.

Babucho isn’t somewhere I’ve ate for a while but is so popular for family celebrations (graduations etc) and I do really like their cocktail menu. We went before food elsewhere last week and I really enjoyed the Raspberry Sour I had.

Geisha and Muddler are two of my favourites, great for date night or girls night with cocktails and really good food. They have some unique cocktail creations that match well with their menus. 

Lychee martini cocktail at Geisha Newcastle

Cocktail bars in Newcastle that never disappoint…

All Bar One 

Pleased To Meet You 

The Hudson

I’m ordering: At Christmas the Hotel Chocolat cocktails from All Bar One were amazing, but normally I’d go for a Pornstar Martini, and Pleased to Meet You I get any of their gin cocktails. The Hudson probably a Pornstar martini.

Both All Bar One and PTMY are really good central Newcastle bars, and the cocktails are made well. They’re great for meeting anyone whether it’s family, friends, colleagues and for any occasion. Pleased to Meet You is a gin bar mainly so I always go for a gin cocktail, but my friends love the Bonne Bouche ones from there. You can’t really go wrong with either of these.

The Hudson is near the station and has a really nice cocktail lounge, and a good menu too.

Things I’m Loving This Week 12th June
The Hudson

Where to go for big groups…


Revs de Cuba 

Bar Luga 

Market Shaker

Particularly in recent times when there’s been limits on bookings and tables have had to be reserved in advance, these would be the go to bars for bigger groups. Typical for work nights out, or just a big crowd they accommodate numbers of over 8. 

I love Bar Luga but don’t really get cocktails (as they serve Waddling Duck Sauvignon), so the only ones I can actually recommend are the Blood Orange gin cocktails from Revs de Cuba. They’re all fun bars though especially in a crowd.

Gin Bars…

Dacantus/Intercontinental (owned by the same people)

WC Gin Closet

Pleased to Meet You

I’m ordering: No. 15 from Dacantus,  the Plum and Vanilla Edinburgh gin cocktail from WC, and probably a rhubarb gin from PTMY.

Gin cocktails are everywhere, but for dedicated top quality gin bars these are not to be missed in Newcastle. Dacantus and Intercontinental are great, with huge selections of gin, and are a bit more refined than PTMY as they’re smaller. 

WC Gin Closet has been open less than a week at the time of writing this, and you can find more info on my instagram post here. It’s tiny, seating only 14 and they have a gin cabinet rather than a bar. Some great gins on offer though and paired properly with various tonics.

For margaritas…


Lobo Rojo

I am very partial to a margarita, especially in the summer and the best one I have had in the North East is at Lobo Rojo on the North Shields fish quay. I’m assuming they’re the same at Little Lobo in Sandyford too. In Newcastle the only ones that compare are from Horticulture, and they are strong!

For Espresso Martinis…

Leila Lily’s


WC Newcastle


I have had excellent espresso martinis at these four places. Leila’s do a lovely one and have the vanilla syrup that I am very partial to, whereas Horticulture have an enormous espresso martini menu with every flavour you can think of. I’ve had a memorable chocolate orange one from WC, and Alvinos always do exceptional ones too.

Cocktails with a view…



Roof Thirty Nine at Fenwicks

Ok, so I’ll be honest and say of these four I only really like Roof Thirty Nine at Fenwicks. The others all do have amazing views over the city, but the crowd and the vibe just isn’t really for me. 

I did enjoy my first visit to 3Sixty (for drinks not food) and you can read about it here, the views are fab but I haven’t been back. Above I will also be honest and say I’ve not been to, as a lot of people have put me off. There’s a minimum spend and I’m just not sure it sounds worth it – same with Livello.

Roof Thirty Nine however have some great seasonal cocktails, and it’s very cute sitting on Fenwick’s rooftop. Read more about it here and here.

That isn’t every bar in Newcastle, but it’s my honest answers to most of the ‘name some good cocktail bars in Newcastle’ questions that I get, which come my way at least once a week from people visiting or going out that haven’t been here in a while. These are just my preferences, but I hope if you visit any of these that you enjoy them too.

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