March Round Up & Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Hope everyone is enjoying the long bank holiday weekend and isn’t feeling too hungover today. I know it’s boring to talk about the weather but I don’t think I can look back at March without mentioning it. As usual any sign of snow and Britain grinds to a halt, which after seeing how much of it they had in Norway really is ridiculous.


March round up and Happy Easter


I was in Copenhagen for a work meeting on 1st March, and with the beast from the East in full swing back home, our return flights were cancelled. The other three people I was travelling with were rebooked on an early flight the next day, but I couldn’t get on the same one. We spent the night in a random airport hotel, and were all set to get home the next day.


March round up and Happy Easter

Frozen harbour in Copenhagen


A very long story short, my flight was delayed, but so was my connection from Amsterdam. I thought I’d still be on it but they’d already given my seat to someone else, and rebooked me on the next available flight back to Newcastle. With the backlog of people due to the weather, the next flight was the following night, at about 10pm on the Saturday.

Usually, I probably wouldn’t mind being stranded in Amsterdam, but after the month of travel I had in February, and the nightmare of already being stuck an extra night I was LIVID and just wanted to be home. I got a taxi from the airport in Amsterdam to the port, where I just made the ship and sailed back overnight to Newcastle and got home two days after I was meant to.


March round up and Happy Easter

At least my cabin was nice


My March definitely picked up after this fiasco, I slept for pretty much the entire weekend, and was so happy to spend the rest of the month sat at my desk in the office. With the majority of work travel over, which had its ups and downs, and particularly this nightmare trip, it prompted this blog post on what Instagram doesn’t show you about travel.


The Side of Travel You Don't See on Instagram


I finally saw my friends after about six weeks of being here there and everywhere, and we spent a Friday night in Central Shaker in Newcastle. I got fully back into ‘toon’ life with a visit to St James Park as well, followed by bar snacks from the Broad Chare. Never been so happy to be in Newcastle.


March round up and Happy Easter


For Mother’s Day, we took Viv out for Sunday lunch at Jesmond Dene House, somewhere I’ve heard great things about but had never been before. The place is beautiful, and the food was excellent, as were the cocktails. I was a tad disappointed with the dining room, it didn’t seem to fit with the style of the place compared to the old lounge with the fire, or the conservatory.


March round up and Happy Easter


This is so picky, but the staff were chucking cutlery in the drawers so loudly, I think they were trying to outdo a few tables who were seeing who could let their kids scream the longest before doing something about it. We did have a lovely meal though, and I would go back for afternoon tea, requesting a conservatory table and on a day where kids are in school. For Mother’s Day, I shared a post on what to do in Paris with your mum, after our weekend there in February.


Things to do in Paris with your mum


Celebrations for Viv didn’t stop at Mother’s Day, she turned 60 later that week too. We had a big family meal at Davanti’s in Tynemouth Station which was really good. We had the private room as there were about 20 of us, and for such a big group the service was excellent. Their special was seafood pasta and take a look at this bad lad…highly recommend.


March round up and Happy Easter


We also went to see Sam Smith at the arena and he was incredible. We made a night of it with dinner at The Forth in Newcastle first, before heading along to the arena. Other than Adele, I’ve never known anyone sing so note perfect for every song. It wasn’t depressing either in case you’re wondering, it was a really good show.


March round up and Happy Easter


Coming back to the weather, wasn’t it nice to finally see some sun last week? It makes life so much easier. Prompted by this and the impeding Easter weekend I wrote a guide to the bars and pubs in Newcastle with outdoor terraces. I fully intend to spend many a Saturday afternoon in as many of these places as possible this summer.


Bars in Newcastle with outdoor terraces


Last Wednesday I was invited to try the new menu at The Botanist, so myself and Rachael went for an evening of cocktails and food. I’ll be posting a full review this week, but I have to mention the camembert. So many people asked me about it after they saw it on my Insta story, and I can confirm it was an absolute dream.


March round up and Happy Easter


I’ve found the past month at work pretty full on, it took me a good week or two to recover from all the travel and catch up on sleep and normal day to day work, that I just haven’t wanted to do much or go far at weekends. I did write a post on the W hotel in Amsterdam, which you should read if you’re after a more relaxing break to Amsterdam, and a 24 hour itinerary for Paris.


The W Hotel Amsterdam


We spent quite a few Sundays just chilling at the pub, but for Easter weekend we decided to go away for part of it, and booked up Edinburgh. We went on Friday morning and came back Saturday evening before the boxing. We stayed at the Principal Hotel, after I enjoyed my stay at the one in Manchester so much, and basically ate and drank for two days.


March round up and Happy Easter


Back in Newcastle for Easter Sunday, I had lunch with my parents in sunny Tynemouth, before going out for drinks with some of the girls.


March round up and Happy Easter


At the moment I don’t have too much planned in for the start of April, which actually feels quite nice. I’ve got a long list of blog posts to get written, including ones on my visit to Hamburg and Norway. I got my last post on Tallinn out as well, on the best viewing platforms in the city. It seems so long ago now but I’m still telling everyone about that place.


Best city views in Tallinn


I’m also deciding if I’ll start writing about social media and blogging, considering it’s what I do all day at work too. I’ve got a post on bloggers and brands sat in my drafts that I’m plucking up the courage to share, but I don’t know if I will yet. It’s such a talked about subject, and over the past few months I’ve really seen how different perspectives from both sides have an affect on collaborations and partnerships, not to mention audiences. Not sure if it’s a route I want to go down on my own blog, but I always find it hard not to just come out and say what I think especially when it’s something people do ask me about.

Anyway, the main thing I’m looking forward to this month is Rome, which I can’t wait for. If you’ve been then send me your suggestions especially for restaurants and bars, after Florence last September I have very high hopes for how much I’m going to love it.


Gusta, Florence


Have a great April!

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