Trying the Taster Menu at Marco Pierre White, Newcastle

I was lucky enough to be invited to Marco Pierre White, Newcastle last week, and having heard nothing but good things about all the MPW restaurants I was pretty excited to visit. I’ve never ate at any of them, I’m not sure how to be honest, as they’re renowned for beautiful steaks and a quality atmosphere which sounds right up my street.


For those that don’t know, like I didn’t prior to this, the Marco Pierre White, Newcastle restaurant is located on Fenkle Street. So right in the heart of the city just up from Bonbar. The restaurant is underneath the Hotel Indigo, and from the minute I arrived through the glass sliding door entrance and into the lounge, I could tell it was plush and sophisticated. It was a blogger event, organised through the lovely , and from the host desk I was taken through to the private dining section at the back, cornered off from the main restaurant by a sheer black curtain.

The restaurant was pretty full, always a good sign midweek, so it was lovely to be sat at the full length, decked out dining table in the secluded section. It’s not pretentious at all though, and the decor with giant black and white paintings and flower pot touches made it feel like a dining room at home, just a luxurious one.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


I arrived last due to work, so I missed the chefs quick presentation. I was filled in by the girls that we would be treated to the taster menu. Five courses of mixed dishes which all sounded lovely. I’m not going to lie though, being a steak restaurant and having heard such good things I was slightly disappointed that steak wasn’t on the menu! Apparently they turn over 80+ steaks on a Saturday night alone, so despite not getting to try one on this occasion, I’m sure they’ve got it down to a fine art.

So, back to our menu. Obviously I needed a refreshing cocktail after a hard days work, so got the Raspberry and Elderflower Collins, which was lovely and wasn’t packed full with too much ice. It lasted me a good while!



Our first course was served, Rillete of smoked mackerel with lightly pickles vegetables. It was beautiful presented, and unlike some tasting menus you get it was a decent sized portion. I love seafood so really enjoyed it, it was light and easy to eat and I finished it feeling like I could easily eat it all again. The veg and little blackberry complimented it nicely and were refreshing after the strong taste of fish.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


Next up was the Slow Roasted Tomato soup with basil pesto. In any restaurant I’m always reluctant to get soup, but whenever I do I really enjoy it. This was no different, thick and moreish, with chunky bread and butter to match. Some people around me were starting to feel full after this course, which should give you an idea of portion size for a taster menu, but I was very happy to keep going.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


The Lightly Curried Smoked Haddock risotto was I think my favourite course. I love risotto, and this one came with a lovely Parmesan crisp. It wasn’t overpowering or fishy despite the name, which perhaps might put people off. It was really delicious and actually a course that made me forget about wanting steak. I’d definitely order it off the main menu in future, or recommend it to any non red meat eaters.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


I was starting to feel a bit fuller by the time our fourth course arrived, Slow Cooked Belly Pork with Vale of Mowbray black pudding, roasted cauliflower and pommes purée. If you like pork I was told by one of the girls that the belly pork was cooked to perfection, with a crispy top layer and juicy meat underneath. I did enjoy it, pork just isn’t my first choice of meet, and I don’t like black pudding but it was still very nice as were the veg.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


Desert was SO YUM. Doesn’t Raspberry and Passion Fruit Panna Cotta, with mini meringue and Raspberry sorbet just sound like a summer dream on a plate? Well it was, I loved all the little bits and how perfectly presented they were.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


I was completely stuffed after this course, but it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed all of the courses, and could definitely see myself having the starters, risotto and the desert again. It’s good to know that there are alternative yet really delicious options on offer as well as steak and I wouldn’t discount them by any means.

Since my visit I’ve had a good look through the other menus on offer at MPW, including the main a la carte menu which looks fabulous, and I was also pleasantly surprised to see an afternoon tea menu there too. Served in the quirky, colourful surroundings of the plush lounge I’d definitely like to try that too for a less formal experience.


Marco Pierre White, Newcastle


The service was also worth a mention, they were very attentive yet discreet, and it was a relaxing experience with enough of a breather between courses to prepare for the next one.

Overall I really enjoyed my first experience of Marco Pierre White, Newcastle. I’d 100% recommend the private dining experience if you’re looking for an occasion, but I’ll definitely be back to try the main restaurant and world famous steak myself in future too.


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Disclaimer: The full menu we enjoyed on our visit to MPW was complimentary, cocktails were paid for.

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